• Thermal power plants;
  • Substations;
  • High-voltage power transmission lines;
  • Hydroelectric power stations;
  • Urban lighting and other municipal electro-energy projects.

Transport infrastructure

  • Highways and roads;
  • Bridges and complex road nodes;
  • Railway and underground;
  • Ports and intermodal terminals, etc.;
  • Airports.

Real estate

  • Civil and industrial construction objects:
  • Industrial companies, office buildings, residential complexes and hotels, stadiums and other sports facilities.

Our company offers the following services:

  • Wholesale and retail of personal protective equipment;
  • Advisory services attracting major large contractor companies for the projects in energy, transport infrastructure and civil engineering;
  • Attraction of credits and investment;
  • Organization of the cooperation between medium and large businesses in different regions;

  • Market conjuncture analysis;
  • Supervision of the projects implemented by our provided contractors and investors.;
  • Cooperation in the project development.

Our company provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • Power plant: thermal power plants (TPP) operating by coal, oil, gas, biomass and garbage burning fuel; wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power plant (HPP), power lines, substations, transducers, etc.;
  • Transport infrastructure: highways and roads, road nodes, highways, tunnels, bridges, railways, subways, airports, seaports;

  • Civil engineering: multi-storey buildings, industrial companies, stadiums and other large sporting and administrative facilities;
  • Telecommunications: terminal equipment (data transmission devices, gateways, chips and other smart decisions).

We have attracted Chinese partners to the following countries:

  • Georgia;
  • Poland;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Lithuania;

  • Latvia;
  • Armenia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Ukraine;

  • Croatia;
  • Belarus;
  • Russia;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;

  • Serbia.

Respekto Grupė, JSC, represents the following large Chinese companies:

  • NCPE (North Power China Engineering);
  • TEPC (Tianjin Electric Power Construction);
  • TBEA (Shenyang Transformer Group);

  • Sino GW (Sino Great Wall);
  • Power China;
  • CREC (China Railway Engineering Co.)

  • CNTIC (China National Technical Import & Export Corporation);
  • As well as other large competitive companies.